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The Fishmarket

The Fishmarket at Newhaven has recently opened to a flurry of interest. A joint venture between Roy Brett of Ondine and Gary Welch of Welch Fishmongers, it promises high quality fish n chips – for sit-in or takeaway – along with a good range of seafood delights.

I popped down to check it out on a sunny Thursday lunchtime. I was joined by new guest quester Ruth.

The interior has been stylishly kitted out with cool tiling and a smart seafood counter. There’s outside seating to take advantage of the splendid views down the Forth, too. It’s really lovely.

I’d been given pretty clear instructions by the folks at Castello – who’d visited during their soft launch and been mightily impressed – to order the squid with Vietnamese sauce to start so we had a portion of that to share. We both followed with the fish n chips.

The crisp squid was light and elegant, with the dipping sauce suitably aromatic. It was a highly accomplished opener.

The main course – a large battered portion for Ruth, a battered ‘whale’ for me – was to a very good standard, too. I prefer the fish and batter at Giovanni’s and the chips at L’Alba D’Oro but there’s a solid argument for this being the best fish n chips you can get on one plate in the city.

The mushy peas were the only weakness. They were watery and bland, and need a good bit of improvement.

So overall, The Fishmarket is a great new addition to our city’s dining options. With the demise of the Tailend, there was a clear opportunity to meet the demand for a good quality sit-in chippy. The Fishmarket is doing that with considerable style. Make sure to visit soon.

Blythe scores The Fishmarket
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 15/20

Today’s questers were: Ruth, Blythe

We ate: squid, fishes n chipses

We drank: pale ale, lemonade, water

We wore: floaty skirt, drowny shirt

Total bill: £47.60

Address: 23A Pier Place , Edinburgh, United Kingdom, EH6 4LP

Written by BKR