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Rocco’s Eatery

After the ghastly episode of Vapiano I was left wondering whether decent delivery pasta dishes were available elsewhere in the city. After a lazy day featuring an uncharacteristic amount of fuck all, I thought I’d see what I could find out.

I quickly hit upon Rocco’s Eatery as a likely candidate. I’d passed it on bus travels, noting that it had taken over where Pizza Meets Burger used to trade.

They offered a small selection of pasta dishes which struck me as quite promising. I chose the rigatoni norcina which brought together sausage, mushrooms, cream and parsley.

I had a long day of lazing around still before me so added a pepperoni and pineapple pizza. With discount codes applied, the total came to £19.38.

Things arrived well ahead of schedule with both dishes piping hot.

I started with the pasta and hallelujah it was a well prepared, suitably al dente, and flavour-packed dish. I really enjoyed it.

The pizza was very good too. It featured a soft, pillowy base with good quality toppings. I enjoyed each and every slice.

So overall, it was good to further banish the Vapiano horror show with the high quality fare from Rocco’s Eatery. Both their pizza and pasta were delivered to very good standard. When next you’re in need of a good delivery Italian, give this place a look.

Written by BKR