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Mosque Kitchen

Our Beer Man’s Verdict

It’s been many years since we reviewed the Mosque Kitchen, so I took the opportunity to revisit this venerable Edinburgh institution when I was in that neck of the woods.

While its ethos – quick and cheap communal eating – hasn’t changed since then, there have been some minor tweaks here and there.

So there are more desserts – including milkshakes – and the paper plates and plastic cutlery have now gone.

But the menu remains resolutely unchanged by the passing years: simple curries served canteen-style. There are chicken, lamb and vegetable options, as well as sheekh kebab and samosas.

I plump for the daal and rice and am served briskly and find a seat by the window to enjoy my grub on – yes – a proper plate with proper cutlery.

As always, you never feel short-changed at the Mosque. This is a monstrous portion for just £4: two huge ladles of rice and a generous dollop of golden daal on top.

While it’s not remotely pretty, it is a simple and satisfying eat. The daal is smooth and savoury, with a gentle numbing spice. The rice is the star of the show for me, though: flavoursome, loose and long-grained, with the occasional pop of coriander seed.

This remains one of the most reliable budget eating options in Edinburgh. The portions are generous and the food is good.

Even opting for the most expensive option on the menu with accompaniments, you’ll struggle to spend a tenner.

It was nice to renew acquaintance with the Mosque Kitchen and I would encourage you to do the same – although be warned that it can be incredibly busy during the Festival.

Address: 31-33 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh EH8 9BX

Written by BKR