July 21, 2018 Chinese, Delivery No Comments

Five Star

Come rain or shine, my appetite for delivery Chinese food is undiminished. I was delighted to spot a place called Five Star which offered that very service so I couldn’t wait another minute to order from them.

Enlisting the help of a trusty delivery service app, I placed my order. I started with some curry dumplings, unsure of what exactly they might be, then prawn dim sum, followed by some hofan noodles with beef. The bill came to £15.30

The delivery man was prompt in his timing and I was soon tucking in.

I started with the curry dumplings which were a cross between spring rolls and samosas. They were OK but nowt special.

The dim sum were distinctly better with well-crafted casings and satisfyingly sweet fillings.

The noodles, in a similar style to papadelle pasta, were good too. The beef was slightly inconsistent – some thin and tender, some thick and chewy – but it was a solidly good dish.

So overall, Five Star didn’t rate five stars on our scoring range but did offer an enjoyably decent Chinese takeaway. I’d be happy to order from them again. Next time I might check out some of the other dishes on their extensive menu.

Written by BKR