I recall trying to order from Barracuda a few months back but the online order having been rejected for some reason.

Chips and cheese – good

Mindful that it would likely be out of my delivery range in a matter of days, with my abode move imminent, I attempted to order again and this time was successful.

It was a football-watching Friday evening so I thought that pizza seemed like a decent plan. I added some chips and cheese for #chipquest purposes.

I still seem to be getting sent discount codes for the delivery apps on a weekly basis so once again I was able to take advantage of this, making my delivery total a mere £9.95.

Pizza – bad

Things were with me a little after the expected delivery time.

I started with the chips which were in the chipshop style. They proved extremely good with piping hot chippy chips topped with simple melted cheddar. I really enjoyed them.

By contrast, the pizza – their Italiana featuring mozzarella and seasoned tomatoes – had not travelled well. It was decidedly tepid making the base tough chewing. Perhaps the delay in delivery was to blame. I put it aside and ate it when fully cooled. This didn’t improve things much.

So overall, Barracuda proved a tale of two halves. I really enjoyed their chips but found their pizza underwhelming. On that basis I’d recommend them next time you fancy something from the chippy counter. For pizza, go elsewhere.

Written by BKR