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In Touch

OK, folks. Here follows a little sermon about your impending death. It’s coming. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of lifelessness.

My simple plea is to think about it, talk to people about it, and be clear what you want to happen when it arrives.

The reason I raise it is that tonight’s dinner at In Touch, the curryhouse in Goldenacre, marked the end of a long, protracted period of executry in relation to my mother’s estate.

Without boring you with details, things would have been rather simpler if wishes had been clearer to all, tasks had been allocated prior to the sad event of her death, and there was a collective understanding of what the best path at a dark hour might have been.

It has made me take steps to tidy my own affairs and make those who have roles to play during my posthumous period clear about what needs done, rather than it all being a further ghastly surprise.

Where one brother couldn’t cope with what was asked of him, long-standing family friend Stevie undertook the executry tasks thrust upon him with calm assurance. Taking him for a curry, along with my rather more capable brother Grant, seemed a good way to catch up on the world, with a sprinkling of final executry bantz.

Our chosen venue, In Touch, has been trading at Goldenacre for quite a while and feels suitably settled. The welcome was warm and we were shown to a window table.

We had a good chinwag before ordering from their broad menu of Indian classics. We started with the pickle tray and poppadoms while we contemplated. The lime pickle was notably impressive.

We started with veg pakora for Stevie, samosas for Grant, and king prawn puri for me.

These were all really good with the puffed puri particularly good and the pakora light and crisp.

Main courses were to a similar very good standard. Stevie and Grant both opted for Bengali green curries – lamb and chicken respectively – and were rewarded with intensely green dishes that really hit the spot.

My channa gosht was really good, too. The accompanying egg and potato dish was a spiced scramble with chunky spuds. I really enjoyed it and will definitely include it in #eggquest considerations.

Rice and naan were both really good, with the naan lightly crisp.

So overall, In Touch was a really welcome find. It’s right up there with the better curryhouses in the city. I’d be glad to return and would recommend it you as you’ll be impressed with the quality of the food and the warmth of the welcome. And do take my advice and think about your impending death, chat to those close to you about it, and get your affairs in decent shape.

Blythe scores In Touch
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 15/20

Today’s questers were: Grant, Stevie, Blythe

We ate: poppadoms, puri, pakora, samosa, bengali green chicken and lamb, channa gosht, dim aloo bhaji, rice, naan

We drank: lager, sparkly water

We wore: blue, blue, cream

Total bill: £80.15

Address: Inverleith Terrace, Edinburgh

Written by BKR