Susan’s Snacks

Regular readers will know that I have a soft spot for burger vans in out-of-the-way locations. Most recently I recall a trip to J&W Catering.


Today I had the regularly mundane task of collecting a parcel from the Telferton industrial estate branch of Royal Mail’s sorting office network.

This is something I usually reserve for a Saturday morning but with the hot, bright thing in the sky and a promising book in my bag, I set forth towards Portobello with a spring in my stride.

On previous trips I’d spotted that a van called Susan’s Snacks looked after the nutritional needs of the workers, so was delighted that this weekday visit meant I could sample things for myself.


There wasn’t much evidence of a menu, but the set-up seemed along the lines of all-day breakfast and burgers, along with hot and cold drinks and a daily special.

I opted for the burger choosing a cheeseburger with onions (£2). This was prepared on the grill plate by the cheery counter woman whom I took to be Susan.

I was soon in my way with item in hand. As I headed for the promenade, I tucked in.

It proved a decently meaty eat, with the low-cost burger meaning a good fat content and consequently plenty of flavour. The morning roll was fresh and the cheese was plastic slice. It was exactly what you would expect from a two quid burger and I rather liked it.

So overall, Susan’s Snacks looks to be serving the Telferton estate quite nicely with her grill-plate goods. Next time you have a parcel to collect and you have the opportunity to do so on a weekday, pop along for a wee snack and see what you think.

Written by BKR