June 22, 2018 Airport, Sandwich, Travel 1 Comment


A trip to Edinburgh Airport is always filled with a mix of emotions. Usually there’s excitement with a new or treasured location about to be accessed via flying cigar tube. But all too often there’s trepidation and likely disappointment at the prospect of having something to eat in this wasteland of decent food options.


I did not too bad on my previous visit with a glass of bubbles and some smoked salmon at the Champagne bar, but on this occasion it was rather earlier in the day so something along the lines of a breakfast snack seemed in order.

After once again rejecting the grim looking Bar Burrito, I reconciled myself to the mediocrity of a meal deal from a chemist. I’d sampled the Boots version before so decided to give Superdrug a go.

The £3.99 deal comprised a sandwich or wrap, crisps or a small chocolate bar, and any drink. For me this meant their breakfast triple sandwich pack, salt n vinegar crisps and a bottle of still water.


The water was water and the crisps were crisps, but the sandwich was…well a pretty sorry concoction.

The back of the packet revealed some odd descriptions: smoke flavoured bacon was the most alarming. In the case of the sausage element of the unholy trinity, the mix of red and brown sauces was the main flavour. The seasoned egg mayo one just tasted of neutral bread taste plus goo. The egg and bacon looked pretty manky and tasted of basically nothing.

I’ve written before about the nation’s obsession with rubbish sandwiches. This was another example of its worst excesses and frankly seemed a shameful thing to be serving up to travellers as their last meal on Scottish soil.

So overall, the Superdrug meal deal was pretty sad. The sandwich element was ghastly and I’d love to see such mediocrity removed from the shelves. Edinburgh Airport continues to lag well behind where it should be in terms of quality and variety of food options. I wish they’d reassess and improve things as fast as they can.

Written by BKR