Ruchi Tandoori

In the last few days in my Easter Road abode, I was keen to ensure places that were likely to be location dependent – most notably the local takeaways that I hadn’t tried – got a look before I headed for pastures new.


In that spirit I concluded a lazy Saturday with a takeaway from nearby Indian, Ruchi. Given its proximity to my flat I totally walked there and collected my order. Totally. Maybe. Not so much.

From one of the popular delivery apps I made my choices. This comprised a prawn puri to start followed by methi gosht, tarka daal and a cheese and onion naan. With the inevitable discount code this came to £16.06.


The delivery was with me in double-quick time as befitted its ridiculous proximity.

I started with the prawn puri which was a little ordinary and disappointing. The prawns were plentiful but on the chewy side. This was the only weak dish, though, as everything that followed was impressively good.

The methi gosht featured tender pieces of lamb in an aromatic fenugreek infused sauce. It was deeply satisfying. The accompanying daal was really good, too.


Previous dalliances with cheese naans have been rather disapointingly stodgy, but this was lightly pillowy while delivering a good sweet tang from the cheese and onion. I enjoyed it a lot.

So overall, Ruchi was a slightly mixed bag but offered more good than bad. I really enjoyed the cheese naan in particular so if you remain in their delivery or collection catchment area, I’d recommend you give them a try as I liked most of what I ate.

Written by BKR