June 9, 2018 Chinese, Delivery No Comments

May Sum

Friday night takeaway seemed like a good idea after a fun-filled day of hardcore achieving and progress and conquering the known and as yet unknown universe.

Dim sum

It felt like Chinese food might be the way to go, so I consulted the food delivery apps and soon alighted upon May Sum.

As the name hints at, they offered dim sum so I ordered a mixed set of those to start. I added a special udon noodle dish and some salt and chilli chips for #chipquest purposes.


This all came to £16.40 but I had a voucher code which reduced things by £4.10.

The delivery man was soon knocking on my door with a gently steaming bag of goodies.

I started with the dim sum which were pretty good. It was a fairly standard mix of prawn and minced pork beauties. I enjoyed them.


The thick, cable-like udon noodles were really enjoyable but the rest of this dish was just a little underseasoned. The same cannot be said for the chips which were salty and brightly spicy.

So overall, May Sum did a good job in chasing away the Friday evening hunger. It was good to find udon noodles available so it may well be that I order from them again. Give them a try if this all sounds appealing.

Written by BKR