June 6, 2018 Abbeyhill, Burger, BYO 2 Comments

Jones & Son at Century General Store

It had been very remiss of me not to visit the Jones & Son pop-up at Century General Store before now, so I was glad to rectify that on a brisk Friday evening.

Burger, fries

Century General is an excellent cafe and one that has become my staple coffee place since I moved to Easter Road.

On weekend evenings, Friday and Saturday 6-10pm, it converts into the latest burger pop-up from the excellent Jones & Son. Having previously traded at Salt Horse, before a brief off-piste excursion with Mamasan’s, it’s great to see them up and running with their excellent burger, wings and fried chicken once more.

They’ve been successfully drawing in punters to the venue for a couple of months now, so owner and head of operations Toby was simply delighted that I’d chosen their busiest evening of bookings to pop in unannounced proffering Schofferhofer (it’s BYOB with a £2 per person corkage charge) and looking for a cheeky early table. Front of house legend Clay managed to squeeze me in as long as I was fairly quick about things.


I kept things pretty classic ordering three wings, their BLT burger and some fries (£14.50 total). These arrived in quick time looking entirely splendid.

The wings were outstanding and gloriously messy. After some recent extensive egg yolking on #eggquest duties, it was good to expose my beard to delicious hot sauce and Buffalo blue cheese dressing around the moistly meaty chicken.

The fries gave much pause for #chipquest thought and the burger was to its usual exceptional standard.

So overall, I was pleased to finally get along to the Jones & Son pop-up at Century General Store. I think the plan is to keep things ticking along at the weekends for the foreseeable future. This being the case, I’d recommend that you visit at your earliest convenient opportunity.

Written by BKR