Fired Up Food Hut

With the weather having been generally pretty good of late, the Meadows has once again become a very good spot for a seat, a snack and a contemplation of life’s mysteries.


When in such a mood, I recently stopped by the Fired Up Food Hut to check out their wares.

Having taken over the pitch from the Susie’s van, they are ploughing a similar furrow with a focus on veggie and vegan delights. From their extensive list I opted for their halloumi fries and salad (£5).

The cheesy chips were cooked to order by the loquacious stallholder. They were soon with me topped with sour cream and chipotle, as per my preference.

Halloumi fries

He’d run out of plastic forks but offered a wooden skewer in its place. This made things more difficult to munch but had the upside of not increasing the number of dolphins I’ve choked.

The halloumi fries were lightly crisp and pretty tasty. It was a good portion for the money.

The shredded salad gave the dish good freshness and backbone, and the sauces brought things together into satisfying mouthfuls.

So overall, I enjoyed my stop at the Fired Up Food Hut. They offer a really good, daily changing selection of fresh vegetarian bites that are ideal to munch in the sun, on the go, or in your lunch break. I’d be happy to return and look forward to exploring their menu further then.

Written by BKR