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Fire & Dough

I’ve been reading with interest the adventures of pizza review site Slice or Die, over recent months. Give it a look as they’re giving things really detailed consideration, and get hold of some of their excellent merchandise, too.

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Like the Slice or Die team, I keep up a fairly high rate of pizza sampling as it’s the finest of foods, so I was pleased to see a stall that was new to me trading as part of the food offering at the recent Hidden Door Festival.

The stall was called Fire & Dough and was trading alongside Rost, Alplings, Harajuku and others in the first half of Hidden Door’s run at the excellent Leith Theatre.

We’ve written about this splendid artistic pageant in previous years and it remains one of the highlights of the year. I hope y’all made it along this time.


Fire & Dough offers pizzas in the Neapolitan style with a commitment to locally sourced toppings.

I kept things very classic with a margherita (£6). This was prepped and fired to order by the friendly counter man.

Once with me I munched it as I watched some extraordinary…let’s call it earth dancing, which took place in the courtyard out front of the main venue.

While the dancing defied description, the pizza was delivered to a very good standard. The tomato sauce was notably good and the base had a pleasing balance of crisp and chew. I enjoyed it.

So overall, Fire & Dough served me a very good pizza to accompany some quality cultural expression. Their horsebox trailer is worth looking out for at the various street food events across the country as they’re right up there with the likes of the Pizza Geeks and Nomad at the forefront of street pizza in Scotland.

Written by BKR