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En Route 7, En Croute

Lucky number 7 starts at the Royal Infirmary before daringly taking you deep into the heart of Gilmerton before heading on its route towards the city centre.

It follows the 49 route up the Old Dalkeith Road before turning off at Moredun. It picks up the route of the 18 at Supper Bowl.

I’d missed The Bridge Cafe on my previous fly by.

We continue along Captains Road by now having picked up the 11 route. At Kaimes junction, we turn down towards the city centre.

Tomato tower from Cafe de la Poste

As we head down Liberton Brae, there’s a great view of Arthur’s Seat before Goodfellow’s bakery and New Fortune Cookie Chinese takeaway. We then pick up the 31 route through Liberton and Newington into town.

Caffe Gelato has opened next to Cafe de la Poste since last I passed. I’ve had food from Bhatti’s Fried Chicken on Nicolson Street just recently, too.

Once round the Leith Street diversion, the bus heads down Leith Walk. It was sad to note the recent demise of the Tailend and Solo Pizzeria, but exciting to see Breadshare having taken over the old Douglas’ Bakery. Their new offering will include a Bross Bagels window.

It turns along Great Junction Street and we’re on the route of the 21 briefly before drifting off Ferry Road down Craighall Road towards our terminating stop at Newhaven.

Before that you pass Ollie’s, Victoria Park where Jac’s Coffee Van trades at weekends, and you can spy Filament just along the way. Porto & Fi and Mason’s Bakery mark the terminus in fine style.

So overall, the route 7 does a glorious south to north route across the city weaving along roads both familiar and new to me. Give it a whirl next time you feel like a spin down to the harbour at Newhaven.

Written by BKR