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En Route 6, En Croute

There are some sweeping journeys across mountain and prairie on the Lothian Buses routes. Then there are some real little oddities. The route 6 is firmly in the latter.

I think it must be the shortest terminus to terminus route, starting as it does at the Parliament and terminating on Hanover Street.

I’m not sure how it came about but it must relate to the Palace of Holyroodhouse and the Parliament in some measure.

Starting at Parliament, you can see the Cafe at the Palace, then the bus heads through the Queen’s Park then picks up Holyrood Road at Bistro Deluxe and Hemma.

You also pass Pizza Express, Henderson’s, Let Me Eat, Levels, Baskin Robbins, and Pibroch as well as Holyrood 9a.

On St Mary’s Street we pass Moratti, Holyrood Cafe, David Bann’s, Pinnies & Poppyseeds, Vinyasa, Lovage, Procaffeination, the Fig Tree Bistro and the legendary Waverley Bar.

As you cross the High Street, you can see Wedgwood, No1 High Street, Cranachan & Crowdie, Wee Bite, the White Horse, the World’s End and the Storytelling Centre.

Jeffery Street holds La Garrigue and Michael’s Steak & Seafood.

You pass above the Arches, with businesses such as Gannet & Guga, Baba Budan and Wubba Lubba Dub Dub. You can see the Food n Flea market in the distance.

On Market Street you pass Brewhemia, Benugo at the City Art Centre, Fruitmarket Gallery cafe, the Doric, and Jake’s Place.

You can just about spot the Milkman on Cockburn Street, then on Waverley Bridge you can see the Booking Office.

The Black Dahlia looms on high as you head up Market Street, then you sweep down the Mound, crossing the Princes Street bus lines before heading up Hanover Street, where the bus terminates just across from Hoot the Redeemer.

So overall, the 6 is a strangely short route but it goes past a lot of stretches that other routes don’t so was handy for me in covering some previously not mentioned places. The route is easily walkable and contains some great options so is well worth knowing about.

En Route, En Croute will now take a break until I’m back in Edinburgh. I look forward to more bus adventures then.

Written by BKR