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En Route 31, En Croute

The 31 starts at Polton and quickly picks up the same route as the 49 to Bonnyrigg. I’d missed the Royal Oak, The Chase and Beetroot Bar & Grill on my previous trip along this route.

In Bonnyrigg, I saw the Baguette Bar, the Anvil Inn, and Gloria’s chippy, as well as the Hong Kong, Mayflower and Canton Chinese takeaways.

Along the High Street you pass the Bombay Spice, Coffee Fresco, and the inescapable Greggs and Bayne’s.

As we speed towards Lasswade, we pass the Paper Mill, the Laird and Dog Inn, and soon to open Luci’s.

Northfield House Hotel has a cafe and restaurant as we pass Liberton Hospital. There’s an outpost of Margiotta’s before we pass from Lasswade Road to Kirk Brae and through Liberton.

We rejoin the route of the 49 at Cameron Toll and head onwards through Newington and into the city centre. Bento on South Bridge was new to me, so is added to the list for a visit soon.

Here the 31 picks up the same route as the 12 and the 26, only deviating at Drum Brae. I spotted the Wood House Greek on Haymarket Terrace, which looked good. Naihas and a new branch of NKD Pizza were notable spots on St John’s Road.

At Drum Brae we head past Fabio’s and Lucky Chen next to Bar B Que, then on towards the Marriott with its Source Grill, then the distinctive Maybury Casino.

The terminus is at East Craigs where we encounter a pub called Mid Yoken and Sultan’s takeaway.

So overall, the 31 certainly covers some ground between Midlothian and the west of the city. It’s a bus I’ve used a lot down the years and one which I enjoyed riding again this time.

Written by BKR