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En Route 19, En Croute

The 19 route starts at King’s Road where you’re in sight of Portobello beach and the likes of Breadshare and Dream & Season.

It snakes its way back towards town through Craigentinny, following the route of the 21 and 49, and passing the Yum Yum takeaway, Dino’s and May Sum.

Dim sum from May Sum

At Meadowbank, it passes the Hoppy before picking up the route of the 26 and 44 through the Leith Street diversion and onto York Place.

It drifts along the iconic Princes Street then turns down at Queensferry Street past the likes of Patisserie Maxime, L’Escargot Blanc and many others.

The Painted Rooster looks to have taken over where Caffeine Drip used to trade so was a new one on me.

The 19 heads over Dean Bridge and through Comely Bank, heading down Orchard Brae. It passes Ronaq at the roundabout with Comely Bank Road.

It heads up Crewe Road South passing the Western General Hopsital and the Village Urban Grill at Crewe Toll.

It passes the Yes Cafe on Crewe Road North, then Darin’s just around the corner.

On Wardieburn Drive it passes Hong Kong and Spice n Nice then a place called Munchy Box, before heading through more suburban Granton and picking up the 16 route at West Granton Road.

It terminates at Granton Square where we have the Waterfront Takeaway.

So overall, the 19 is a route I enjoyed exploring. It includes some parts of the city with which I’m largely unfamiliar so it was quite the voyage of discovery for me. Give it a look next time you fancy a different route back through town from Portobello.

Written by BKR