Coffee in Brussels

I had a grand old time to myself in Brussels on my previous visit. Aside from fun beer adventures with my friend Joe, I did a bit of politicking then some smashing fine dining at Bozar Brasserie.

OR espresso

On this quick visit, I had a matter of three hours to kill before my onward flight to Roma. Given it was the very early part of the day, I figured coffee and something brunchy was the best plan. My dinner in the eternal city would not follow until 10ish, either, so I figured steering clear of beer was probably a strong idea.

First up I headed to OR Coffee which I’ve definitely been in before as I practically homing-beaconed in on the place.

OR have a few shops across Belgium and roast their own beans. I remember it as a rare high spot from my first meandering visit to the city.

Breakfast at MOK

It once again impressed with a brightly jammy espresso (€2.90) that did excellent work as the first double shot of the day.

I toyed with eating at OR, and really liked the look of their avocado toast topped with pomegranate seeds, but thought I’d wander on and check out somewhere else with speciality coffee credentials.

MOK was just a few minutes down the road and proved well worth the journey. Again a place roasting their own, this felt like an even more keenly developed hipster experience.

Espresso at MOK

Their espresso was again delivered to a really high standard, with a slightly more refined and balanced house blend shot.

Their menu felt curiously familiar with a strong emphasis on porridge and as with OR their eggs were served soft boiled with soldiers. I ordered a bit of the latter which came with comté cheese and black rye toast.

It was a dish with excellent attention to detail with the chive butter particularly good, the chilli salt great with the soft yolk, and the extra slice of sourdough toast a really good way to round out the dish. I was highly impressed. It felt like good value for a total of €11.20.

So overall, my two fairly quick stops for coffee in Brussels delivered very good results. Both OR and MOK are doing things the right way and punching out some excellent quality fare. I’m not sure where they sit in the pantheon of Brussels coffee places but I would be very comfortable if these were towards the very top end. I enjoyed every aspect of what they were doing so would strongly recommend a visit to both when you have some spare time in the city and beer isn’t top of the list.

Written by BKR