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On my first visit to Rome, three years ago, we had a bit of a mixed time, food wise. When we got off the beaten track we found good stuff, but the general standard in the tourist areas what somewhat less consistent.


This trip held more delights in the likes of Pigneto and Testaccio, but I was still intrigued to see whether we might find somewhere of good quality nearer to the major sights.

After an absolutely splendid little tour led by Agnes and including friends Deanna and Franco, which took us along the Appian Way and to the tomb of Caecilia Metella and the Villa Dei Quintili, we headed back to town for a pizza in a place called Carrette just next to the Colosseum.

It’s tucked away up a little side street which allows space for outside seating. We found most of this taken but were happy to eat inside with a table near the back entrance suitably light and airy.


They sported an impressive wood-fired oven which looked very promising. We all opted to eat pizza. Before that we started with some shared fritti opting for suppli, stuffed courgette flowers, and some stuffed olives.

The fritti were freshly prepared and soon with us. They were really good with the mozzarella and anchovy stuffed flowers the standout.

The pizza came with a thin and crisp base in the Romana style. I’d opted for the capricciosa which featured an egg, ham, olives, mushrooms and artichokes.


The yolk of the egg was appropriately oozy and the base light which made for enjoyable eating. It was not the best pizza I’ve ever eaten but it was entirely the dish I was looking for at that time.

We rounded things out with espresso in the traditional darkly bitter Italian style and were left to reflect on a jolly fine jaunt with a good meal to digest during the inevitable post-lunch nap.

So overall, next time you find yourself braving the chaotic crowds to bask in the glory of the Colosseum or the Forum, you would do well to consider a lunch at Carrette to follow. There are definitely some false steps that can be taken at eateries in this neighbourhood so it’s a good place to know about as it delivers dishes – the fritti in particular – with a strong level of assurance. I’d be happy to stop by again next time I’m in Roma.

Today’s questers were: Agnes, Deanna, Franco, Blythe

We ate: suppli, stuffed fried olives, stuffed courgette flowers; pizzas

We drank: beer, water, espresso

We wore: Appian Way chic

Total bill: no idea – Franco kindly paid

Address: Via della Madonna dei Monti, 95, 00184 Roma

Written by BKR