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Boston & Hawthorne

From the name of Boston & Hawthorne – evoking the tins and the strainer – it was easy to assume this was a cocktail place. Coupled with the fact it used to be home to the esteemed Raconteur, it was hard argue that mixed drinks might be expected.


But I’m not sure that is quite the focus of this hidden-in-residential-seclusion bar that was previously the Dean and the Raeburn.

Our primary aim was to test our wits at their Monday night pub quiz. I was joined on this escapade by regular guest questers Hayley and Jessica. Sadly for us, on a bright and warmish evening punters preferred a drink in the sun rather than questions about the obscure recesses of Dickensian fiction so the quiz was postponed for the evening.


Instead we focussed on their food offering. This is built around pizzas with the addition of a selection of sharing starters.

We quickly settled on the pepperoni, Italian sausage and prosciutto pizzas and added some potatoes and meatballs to start.

Meatballs, tatties etc

We took a seat next to possibly the scariest doll I’ve ever witnessed. It looked eerily like she’d murdered the other toys in her cabinet.

The starters and first pizza soon arrived. The potatoes were served cold but we’re surprisingly good as the seasoning and light parmesan topping was on point. The meatballs were pretty good, too. The accompanying bread was a little odd in its chunky crispness, though.

The pizzas were of the long, cuboid variety preferred by the likes of ASK but were a notch or two better than that.

Cannoli and ice cream

We agreed that the Italian fennel sausage one was the pick of the bunch, but toppings were generally of a pleasing quality while the bases were light and crisp.

We rounded things out with some coconut ice cream with berries and a couple of cannoli. Again, these were of a surprisingly good quality.

So overall, Boston & Hawthorne served us some really rather good food. The place remains a bit of an oddity, and deliberately so, but I’d happily return next time I fancy some sharing snacks or a light and enjoyable pizza. Give it a look next time you’re in Stockbridge.

Blythe scores Boston & Hawthorne
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 14.5/20

Today’s questers were: Hayley, Jessica, Blythe

We ate: meatballs, tatties, pizzas (3)

We drank: cocktails, red wine, beer, water

We wore: evil doll protection spells

Total bill: c.£85

Address: 50 Dean Street, Edinburgh EH4 1LQ

Written by BKR