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Bistrot Airport Brussels

On the return journey from a few excellent days in Rome, I had a stop off in Brussels that wasn’t quite long enough for me to venture into the city, meaning I had to make do with the airport facilities for lunch.

This followed a quickly grabbed breakfast at Fiumicino airport where I sampled a fairly unspectacular sandwich thing from a place called Rossosappore. I say it was unspectacular but it featured a decent flatbread and reasonable ham making the horrors of the Superdrug meal deal sandwich on my outward journey all the more traumatic.

In Brussels I needed something a little more substantial as I wouldn’t get to dinner until mid-evening. While there were plentiful options in the A gates section, where I should probably have eaten, the B gates were principally served by something called Bistrot Airport Brussels.

Post facto Googling revealed that they are a chain operating in several airports across Europe with a specific aim of showcasing local suppliers and dishes of the particular region in which they are located.

Stew, fries and veg

For Flanders this meant Flemish beef stew (carbonade), classic Belgian fries, and local beers, alongside more generic stuff like steaks and burgers.

I opted for the stew and the fries, adding some ratatouille on the side. At €18.50 this felt fairly vigorously priced but as long as it proved good I didn’t hugely mind.

It was indeed delivered to a good standard. The stew was filled with generous, tender pieces of slow-cooked beef and the fries were excellently crisp and light. The ratatouille provided a useful balancing vegetable option but was fairly innocuous.

So overall, Bistrot Airport Brussels served me a good quality lunch on my journey home. Oh for such luxuries at the dreadful Edinburgh Airport.

I ate: Flemish beef stew, fries, ratatouille

I wore: travelling trousers

Total bill: €18.50

Written by BKR