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Red Fort

I had a question from a regular reader in connection with whether Red Fort on Drummond Street was still open for their much valued lunchtime buffet. I couldn’t immediately work out the answer so I pledged to go and investigate.


Although aware of their lunchtime deal (£7.95 for me/£6.95 for students), it wasn’t one that I’d taken advantage of previously.

It’s a similar idea to the one at Kaplna where a buffet is served from which you can sample whatever you like. They also throw in a concluding tea, coffee or ice-cream. And unlike Kalpna which is veggie focussed, this offers a full selection of meaty and veggie options.


I kept things fairly restrained as I hadn’t brought my appetite A-game. I started with their veggie pakora and added one of their tikka chicken wings. These were both very good with the pakora crisp but with a hearty density.

I lightly sampled from many of the chafing dishes for main with a mix of daal, aloo Gobi, saag aloo, lamb Madras, chicken bhuna, rice and naan.


I sometimes think I’m getting better at handling hot spicing and then I run into a properly spiced dish like the lamb Madras and realise I’m still an absolute lightweight. It was very tasty, though.

The other standout was the aloo Gobi which was really satisfying. Everything was delivered to a very good standard.

So overall, Red Fort was a really enjoyable lunchtime experience. It could use a lick of paint and presentation is largely your own concern, so the scores below can be ignore beyond the fact that it’s a solid 4/5 for the very good food. The atmosphere is welcoming and it’s clearly a much valued local institution for those seeking a high value lunchtime feed. Give it a look next time this is what you’re needing.

Blythe scores Red Fort
4/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for service
3/5 for setting
giving an overall 13.5/20

I ate: pakora, chicken wing, lamb Madras, chicken bhuna, saag aloo, daal, aloo Gobi

I drank: water

I wore: orange and navy

Total bill: £7.95

Address: 10 Drummond Street, Edinburgh EH8 9TU

Written by BKR