May 30, 2018 Bakery, Leith, pie 3 Comments

Mason’s Bakery

I’d walked past the venerable baking institution that is Mason’s Bakery on a number of occasions, but I’d never previously found it open. This speaks solely of my forays in this neck of the woods being exclusively on a Sunday, though, as they’re open long hours besides that.


I was in between larger planned meals so just stopped for a light snack. I’d heard good things about their pies so couldn’t resist giving one of their steak pies (£1.50) a go.

Because they’re doing all the baking on the premises they were able to offer things in a range of warmths from cold to piping hot. I opted for somewhere in between and that’s precisely what I got.


In the warm sunshine of a splendid Newhaven day, I chomped through the crisp, hot water pastry crust which held generous chunks of tender meat. It was deeply satisfying stuff.

So overall, I was glad to finally cross the age-worn threshold of Mason’s. I must return next time I’m in these parts, hopefully when I get down to Victoria Park to take a wee look at Jac’s Coffee Van at some point soon. I’d recommend it to you, especially if you say enjoying saying aye to a pie.

Written by BKR