The return from holiday to an abode stripped of fresh produce seemed likely to result in a takeaway something or other before a long and restful sleep. I popped up Easter Road to Giovanni’s to pick up something hearty.


Not to be confused with the Giovanni’s on Northfield Broadway, this shop is one that I’d not previously visited. It covers the usual chip shop and pizza options from which I chose a single fish and a pepperoni and pineapple pizza (£12 in total), which is my current fave topping combo.

The pizza was prepped to order and the fish came from the warmer. I could have asked for a fresh fish, I suppose, but it was getting late and that seemed a little fussy.

I returned home to my abode with both items in hand. The benefit of the fish from the warmer was that the batter was super-crisp and very satisfying. The downside was that the fish itself wasn’t quite as moist as it could have been.


The pizza was a slightly mixed bag, too. The aroma of the tomato sauce was beautiful and the base was nicely fired, but the topping had been added after the oven cooking of the pie so the pepperoni lacked satisfyingly crisped edges. This was a shame as I liked the other aspects of the dish.

So overall, I enjoyed Giovanni’s. I will be back for their pizza again, but will perhaps stick with a classic margherita next time. Their chip shop stuff was pretty good, too, so a #chipquest visit will be on the cards. Give it a look next time you’re in the neighbourhood.

Written by BKR