Finn & Bear

I’ve been a big fan of The Pantry’s work since they first opened their Stockbridge branch back in 2012. I recently took in their Colinton branch just as their third place, Finn & Bear, was opening on the Shore in Leith. On an increasingly dreich Tuesday I popped in to see how Leith was treating them.


I was joined by my friend Anne who I’m sure has quested before although perhaps only on repeat visits to favoured places.

We arrived just as they were transitioning from brunchy things to their full a la carte so had the option to order from whatever list we fancied.

Anne quickly settled on the aubergine steak while I swithered a bit before settling on their plank of sausages. We added sweet potato and regular fries for good measure.


Items swiftly appeared. Anne’s aubergine looked very smart and was warmly appreciated. We both agreed that the sweet potato fries won out over the regular fries which could have been a little crisper

My sausage board was made up of a good bockwurst, delicious venison sausage, mini boudin noir and BBQ chorizo. This was first rate stuff with the boudin noir particularly well-crafted.

The scamps in the kitchen had swapped out the regular accompanying dipping mustard for a fun coronation mayonnaise, so that was a nice touch.

Sausage plank

We accompanied things with half pints from their well-curated beer selection, and coffees which were to a very good standard.

So overall, Finn & Bear is a very impressive place. This location has traded as many things down the years, but this feels comfortably the best use of the space. The menu is packed with tempting dishes and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. I’d recommend it to you and I look forward to many future visits.

Blythe scores Finn & Bear
4/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
4/5 for setting
4/5 for service
giving an overall 16/20

Today’s questers were: Anne, Blythe

We ate: aubergine steak, sausage plank, fries

We drank: lager, craft pale, coffees, water

We wore: Tuesday elegance

Total bill: £30.60

Address: 58 The Shore, Edinburgh EH6 6RB

Written by BKR