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En Route 49, En Croute

The route 49 starts at Fort Kinnaird then heads through Duddingston towards Portobello High Street along the route of the 21.

At King’s Road you pass the Breadshare bakery then peels off down Wakefield Avenue towards Craigentinny.

You soon encounter Dino’s, Yum Yum and Maysum. Then it’s onwards along Craigentinny Road before turning in to Lochend Drive passing Angelo’s and the Lochend Fry then heading down Lochend Road towards Leith Links.


After heading along Duke Street, it turns up Leith Walk and picks up the 16 and 22 route, then joins the 5 and heads up the Bridges.

Firinci Italiano has taken over where Cafe Turquaz was since my last trip up this way. Melon Bay, a new smoothie place, was just about ready to open on Clerk Street, too.

It continues on Newington Road past the likes of The Apiary, Annakut, the Edinburgh Bakehouse, Picnics, Voujon then on past Delhi Diner.

At Cameron Toll, where you pass McDonald’s, it then heads towards the Royal Infirmary passing the Bridgend Farmhouse.

There are guest houses dotted along the Old Dalkeith Road with a couple looking like they’d welcome non-resident diners, perhaps.

Having spun round the impressive hospital complex, it’s out towards territory less familiar to me.

Delhi Diner

At Danderhall, there’s a Beijing Banquet, then you soon pass the Old Colliery at Shawfair park and ride.

You pass the Sheriffmill Cafe just before the junction with the Edinburgh Bypass. Restoration Yard Cafe is next as you weave towards Dalkeith. It had been an age since I’d been through this town which had been a regular feature on winding trips to the Borders in my youth.

I spotted a number of places including Cavaliere, Polska Spizarnia, the Continental Cafe, Cafe Troy, and Anema & Core, but I was looking with an untrained eye so I’m sure there are many more.

As you leave the town there’s the Justinlees and then it’s on towards Bonnyrigg.

Bonnyrigg holds Gigi’s, an Italian, which looked quite intriguing. There was a little market on the go in the town centre which was good to see, just out front of Pia’s. There was a Cheeky Chicken, too.

Then it was on towards Rosewell where the bus terminates. Before that we went through Polton where there was Sergio’s chippy. There’s the Rosewell Fry in Rosewell and that’s that.

So overall, the 49 took me to places I had little idea existed far less previously visited. It certainly gave me a number of places to try in the southern extremities of the city so I look forward to trying some of them in due course.

Written by BKR