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En Route 44, En Croute

The 44 route starts at Balerno where you can soon spy The Mill at St Joseph’s, as well as the Balerno Fry, Ying Chinese takeaway, and the Malleny Arms. The Letterbox Bistro was sadly closed for refurbishment when I was passing. You can just about see the Grey Horse from the upper deck.

Leaving Balerno, Sofia’s chippy and the Abbott’s Choice are the first places you encounter along the road towards town.

In Currie there’s also the Riccarton Inn, the defunct Woodhall Arms and the Corner Cafe.

The glorious 44

Then there’s a further burst of places including Kinleith Mill, Molly’s Cafe and Deli, Lucky House, the Juniper Green Inn, Al Borgo, the Pentland Fry, then finally Tanner’s in Juniper Green.

The route then snakes along Lanark Road all the way to the Water of Leith visitor centre where it crosses the route of the 36, briefly.

It then joins the route of the 4 for the journey along Slateford Road towards town. Rocco’s Eatery looks to have replaced Pizza Meets Burger along the way.

Through the city centre you’re on such well-trodden routes as the 26 and many others. It follows the 26 along London Road and through to Meadowbank before deviating at Jock’s Lodge to head along Willowbrae Road.

It passes two takeaways, Kamlo and Shahi Manzil, before it picks up the route of the 4 just at Barracuda. The former Radical Road looked like it was being extensively renovated when I passed.

It then heads on along Milton Road West passing through much residential territory, picking up the route of the 5.

It then heads down through Brunstane passing the Best Western King’s Manor Hotel before reaching Tiger In and Joppa and rejoining the 26 route.

It then heads through Musselburgh before terminating at Wallyford. I’d missed the Bunenos Aires Cafe & Grill on previous journeys.

So overall, the 44 is a classic hillside to seaside route with many tempting looking food and drink stops on the way. It had been an age since I’d ventured that far along the Lanark Road so I certainly have a good few new places to explore in the coming months.

Written by BKR