May 7, 2018 Bus, Travel 1 Comment

En Route 12, En Croute

The 12! The route offers a picturesque seaside start with Dalilah’s on Seafield Road, then turns up Seafield Place and on to the very far end of Leith Links.

It soon passes Bijou bistro and East Coast Cured charcuterie shop.

Pizza from Napizza

It then ambles through the Links then on to Constitution Street where is picks up the 16 route just past the Bad Tempered Baker and Compass Bar.

It’s then up Leith Walk and into the city centre, again matching many similar routes such as the 10, 11 and 22.

At Haymarket it follows the route of the 26 through Roseburn and beyond to the zoo. Things deviate at Drum Brae where the 12 heads down past the 24-hour Tesco towards its terminus at the Gyle.

Excitingly this was the first time I’d gone past the new Edinburgh home of Napizza, the outstanding Stirling pizzeria. They have taken over the former site of Redwood Bistro.

There’s not much after that beyond Westgate Farm and the odd burger van when the 12 reconnects with the 22 route.

So overall, the 12 is another great route running east to west across the city. I’ve covered most of its stops on other buses but I was glad to tootle along the way once more. Enjoy your journey when you make it.

Written by BKR