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Cafe 130

It was exciting to see the famous Bacon Rolls Etc sign – first seen above Easter Road’s 275 Cafe – appear on an unassuming looking Duke Street shop-front. I was pleased to see the attached cafe open just a few weeks ago so popped in to give it an early look.

Like on my visit to 275, it was an early day visit so I was in the mood for a breakfast roll. I ordered one of the bacon and black pudding variety from the friendly counter team, one of whom then headed off to prepare my order.

This place is very much just a simple counter set-up and while there are a few counter seats the majority of customers, in the same way that I was today – will be opting for takeaway.

With item delivered along with a friendly smile, I was soon wandering down the road munching contentedly.

The fresh morning roll was generously filled with both very satisfying black pudding and profuse rashers.

The bacon was just slightly pully, rather than the fat being crisped but this was a minor quibble with what was an enjoyable eat.

So overall, 130 Cafe is ploughing much the same furrow as 275 Cafe serving…bacon rolls etc. I enjoyed this visit and will surely be back as it’s very handy for my abode and serves breakfast options to a very pleasing standard.

Blythe scores 130 Cafe
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
3/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 13.5/20

I ate: bacon and black pudding roll

I wore: Sunday best

Total bill: £2.20

Address: 130 Duke Street, Edinburgh EH6 8HR

Written by BKR