April 8, 2018 Delivery, pizza No Comments

St Andrew’s Takeaway

The day after (temporarily) retiring from the day job was never going to be one full of productivity. I thought I was doing fairly well making it to the kitchen to refill my water glass.


I still hadn’t emerged from my pit of hungover doom by the time it reached late afternoon so I suspected a little pizza and pasta action was required.

I consulted the online menus and eventually hit upon Porty chipshop staple the St Andrew’s Takeaway as a good source of nourishing matter.


I wanted macaroni cheese and a pizza because I felt at a massive cheese and carbs deficit. They were able to meet this demand with a pepperoni and pineapple once more my pizza topping of choice.

Items were delivered ahead of schedule by a friendly delivery man and cost £16.50.

I started with the mac. It needed a little prepping up with seasoning but was otherwise an enjoyably cheesy affair that hit the spot.

The pizza was a satisfying eat with mountains of cheese, a decently light base, and a good blend of porky fruitiness. I enjoyed it and felt all the better having eaten it.

So overall, the St Andrew’s Takeaway served me an enjoyable first meal of the next phase of my life. I was straight back to bed after eating, but awoke the next day full of the joys of spring and ready to take on the world.

Written by BKR