St Andrews Brewing Co

I’d had a rather mixed time at the Potting Shed over the course of a few visits, so I wasn’t particularly saddened by its demise. In its place comes the St Andrews Brewing Co. Having been given a thorough drenching from the inclement weather I was glad to pop in for some warm respite.


The interior is similar to how it was before although it has been mercifully decluttered of the worst excesses of the Potting Shed’s pot-plant themed nonsense. It remains rustic but welcoming enough.

Service was a strength throughout with friendly and attentive people ensuring that things ran smoothly and at a good pace.

From their bar menu I chose one of their two soups of the day preferring celeriac and apple to the butternut squash. I followed with a game pie which came with chive mash and veg.

Main course

The soup promptly arrived accompanied by two good slices of olive bread. It had a slightly odd texture, somewhat analogous to porridge, but it was otherwise extremely satisfying stuff. It had an excellence balance of flavours which can be tricky with this combo and benefited both aesthetically and in terms of flavour from a profusion of chives. I enjoyed it very much.

The main course pie maintained the standard. Of course, it was a casserole with a pastry hat rather than a pie, but it packed in lots of meaty chunks in a richly savoury sauce.

The highlight was the mash and veg, though. The mash was silky smooth and the vegetables – romanesco, cauliflower, kale and carrot – were very elegant indeed.

So overall, I was pleased to see this challenging and slightly awkward venue now home to a very good offering in the shape of the St Andrews Brewing Co. Their beer selection showcased a good bit of their own stuff alongside some local favourites such as Pilot and Campervan. This is backed up by a highly impressive food offering. Both courses I had packed real verve and charm, delivered with no little skill. Give it a look next time you need somewhere cosy to shelter.

Blythe scores the St Andrews Brewing Co
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 15/20

I ate: celeriac and apple soup, game pie with chive mash

I drank: St Andrews IPA

I wore: brown overcoat

Total bill: £18.65

Address: 32-34 Potterrow, Edinburgh EH8 9BT

Written by BKR