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Silver Bowl Thai

The weather was pissy and I was in need of a feed, so I popped along Albert Street from my abode with the aim of grabbing a quick bite from popular Thai takeaway Silver Bowl.


I’d reviewed their much vaunted Chinese place a wee while back and been rather underwhlemed. I’ve since become a solid devotee of Jiuding and not just because of their amazing munchy box.

The welcome at Silver Bowl Thai was effusively warm with the counter woman an absolute delight throughout. There was a really bubbly sense of well-organised chaos about the whole experience as orders came in thick and fast, over the phone, online, and in person.

I thought giving their chicken pad Thai would be a good plan. This cost £6.50.


With item soon in hand, I wandered the few paces back to the comfort of my own kitchen and tucked in.

It was an absolutely bog standard rendition of a dish I go through phases of eating pretty regularly. It didn’t have much in the way of aromatic pop and pizzazz, but the chicken was tender and flavourful and the noodles gave the dish good backbone.

So overall, Silver Bowl Thai much in the same way as its Chinese sister place provided a decent but unspectacular meal. It was nowhere near the standard of Thailander, for example, which I think is the best Thai takeaway that I’ve found in the city. Silver Bowl is reliable if you’re in the neighbourhood, but it won’t be one I’ll be beating a path to revisit.

Written by BKR