April 26, 2018 Hot Dog, Leith 1 Comment

Kirkgate Hot Dog Stand

My day had not gone according to plan but with the sun in the sky and no real need for days to go to plan for now I relaxed and let events take their course.


This course brought me to the foot of Leith Walk by the most convoluted route imaginable. I was very much in need of a snack so I took the chance to avail myself of the services of the regularly trading hot dog stand at the Kirkgate.

The stand has no discernible name to identify it beyond its number plate so I’ll simply call it the Kirkgate Hot Dog Stand.

Although burgers were also on offer, I was in hot dog mode so I ordered the jumbo dog (£1.80).


From a warmer pot this was grilled to order, topped with onions, then once I’d added slightly watery looking ketchup and mustard I was on my way.

It proved a good eat with the bun notably soft and fresh. The hotdog was a pretty standard frankfurter but for the money this was a solidly enjoyable snack on the go.

So overall, I was glad to finally visit the Kirkgate Hot Dog Stand after many years of walking past and spying it. It served me a cheap and cheerful bite which was exactly what was required at that moment. Give it a look next time you pass.

Written by BKR