April 6, 2018 Falafel 1 Comment

Introducing the Falafel Quest Top 30

I’ve been enjoying these stripped and stranded challenges of late. Coronation chicken quest was an absolute joy and sausage quest was…delicious.

The next on our list of styles was falafel. Falafel is that tasty chickpea ball of joy that’s at the heart of Levantine cuisine.

The #falafelquest top 30 took a little while to assemble as the delicious chickpea balls are slightly more elusive than you might think, without the sheer volume of options as for #sausagequest. But still, there are many more places I could and should have visited on this trail, most notably Khartoum Cafe which was in the midst of refurbishment when I finally tried to pop in.

Falafel from Papa Ganoush

Anyhoo, we got to a decent number of placed in the end so today we launch the Top 30 list. We cast our net far and wide and controversially the winner comes from…Newcastle.

The falafel from Papa Ganoush were streets ahead of the competition. Their cooked to order beauties were an absolute joy and the most decisive winner of one of these quests as yet.

In second place, we have a Glaswegian purveyor in the shape of Falafel to Go. It’s only in third that we find an Edinburgh leader in the shape of Mo Beans.

If you’d asked me at the start of this quest where the best falafel in Edinburgh was I would have said Palmyra or the Turkish Carry Out. They came respectively 18th and 17th. That shows both the quality of the field and also that you should always be open to your favourites being surpassed.

I loved the falafel tater tots from Educated Flea and of the rest of the competitors had a soft spot for the falafel sausage from Aurora.

Of the thirty on the list only the final three or four dropped lower than very good. The vegan falafel from Leon was really disappointing, but the muck served up by Saborcito, just next to Buffalo on Chapel Street, was practically inedible.

Enjoy this list of wondrous falafel goodness then get out there and try the greatness. Next up: #eggquest!

Written by BKR