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There are many things one only does while on holiday in a foreign land. Apply sunscreen twice a day is perhaps one, sip beers by the pool is another. I also tend to eat ice cream which is not something I favour in Edinburgh despite our excellence of provision from the likes of Mary’s Milk Bar.


When we were looking for places to explore on Gran Canaria, regular guest quester Hannah spotted a place called Gelatomania and despite both MJ and I being fairly cool on frozen desserts we thought it a fine idea to give focus to our meanderings.

We set forth towards La Playa de Mogan which is a wonderfully relaxed a secluded spot in the south west of the island. We wandered round the place and marvelled at some sparkly footwear before heading for the gelato-based fun.

Pistachio gelato and frozen yoghurt face

Outside Gelatomania a sign proclaimed that their head gelato maker, Franco Viscito, was a master graduate of the famous Carpigiani gelato academy. This sounded reassuring.

We each took slightly different approaches. MJ opted for frozen yoghurt while Hannah had a mixed tub of coffee and mint choc chip. I chose a tub of pistachio which seemed their most savoury option. The bill came to €9.70.

I actually should have followed MJ’s lead as the frozen yoghurt was wonderfully sour and refreshing. My pistachio was nicely crafted and packed a good salty nuttiness, too. This was quality stuff that we all enjoyed.

So overall, we were glad to visit La Playa de Mogan and delighted by our visit to Gelatomania. It was a top quality beach-front place and when we explained we’d driven there specially the staff team were quite tickled. Give it a look next time you are in these parts.

Address: Calle Alcalde Miguel Marrero, 19, 35139 Lomo Quiebre, La Playa de Mogan

Written by BKR