April 4, 2018 Delivery, Falafel No Comments


After an enjoyable Sunday that had seen us once again head to Domenico’s for their excellent weekend breakfast, then bid farewell to MJ after her visit over the weekend, I thought something fairly light was required for an early dinner.

Once more I consulted the home delivery apps – some of whom seem to have bought each other, recently – and soon hit upon the idea of a falafel wrap.

I chose Ephesus which was pretty lazy as it’s only ten minutes from my abode and I could easily have walked there. However, laziness had taken hold.

I ordered a large falafel wrap (£7.50) which was just above the minimum order value. It was with me in good time looking pretty monstrous.

It proved rather better than expected. The wrap casing could have been a good bit crisper but the filling was absolutely splendid. The falafel were right up there with the best I’ve sampled. It was a hearty eat of real quality.

So overall, I was highly impressed with Ephesus. Their falafel wrap was top notch so I must visit again soon to see whether the rest of their range is to the same standard. For now I have some thinking to do to work out exactly where it fits on my list of the best falafel in the city.

Written by BKR