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En Route 36, En Croute

The 36 heads out of the Gyle Centre at quite a pace. It follows the 2, 18, and 22 route for a little bit but then peels off towards Edinburgh Park station as the 2 does.

Once past Hermiston Gait, it follows the train and tram tracks before turning up Bankhead Broadway, still following the 2.

It wends through the industrial estate and pours out on to the Calder Road. It passes the Wee Red Van just before there.

Gamay at Smith & Gertrude

We’re on the 300 route by this time as we speed past Beijing Banquet.

It deviates when it turns up Longstone Road. This is a mainly residential section but it does pass a bus depot and the prison along the way. Exciting.

It also passes Gino’s, Jaflong and the Longstone Inn. Then there’s Matthew’s Food and the Imperial Palace, one of the central points of Chinese food in the city. We then cross the Water of Leith at Lanark Road and Colinton Dell.

Then it’s up Craiglockhart Avenue to briefly join the 4 route as we pass Napier University’s Craiglockhart campus

It’s more residential and golf course scenery twisting up Glenlockhart Road before we reconnect to the world of Greenbank and Morningside.

NKD Pizza welcomes us back to the main drag and the route of the 5, 11 and 16. It follows the 11 and 16 right down to the foot of Lothian Road where it heads over to Queensferry Street and connection with the 41.

It peels off down towards Stockbridge emerging along Leslie Place. From there you quickly pass a rapid succession of places. Ronde, Skylark Cafe, Hamilton’s, Smith & Gertrude and the new Lancers speed by as we pass the Stockbridge Market (only on Sundays) then catch Radici, Sakura, Soderberg, Sabor Criollo, Ping On and Cafe 33, Hector’s and the Stockbridge Tap.

Marshmallow shake from The Marshmallow Lady

On Eyre Place the bus passes L’Alba D’Oro and Anima, then the New Town Deli before clipping past The New Chapter and Casa Mara.

You then pass Spitaki, Braw, Crumbs Cafe and The Other Place, after the Marshmallow Lady and Brandon’s. You can also just about see the Bearded Baker, Bodrum Express and Celdaon 2 U.

The Biscuit Factory is soon on the left before as you cross the 11 route briefly at The Bonnington.

As you head down Bonnington Road you can just about see the Snackbox, Union of Genius’ commercial kitchen, and the Pilot and Campervan breweries nestled on the Jane Street industrial estate.

You pass the Sunshine Cafe, La Dolce Vita, Spilt Milk Social Club, and Up the Junction on Great Junction Street before turning down Henderson Street where you fly past Mitchell’s, Alplings, Norn, Harmonium, Sofi’s and Steel Coulson.

We then finally pick up the 16 and 300 routes before terminating at Ocean Terminal.

So overall, the 36 wends its merry way across a range of Edinburgh neighbourhoods. It’s a bus that has changed routes over the years, and now seems a really enjoyable way to see a broad spectrum of the city. I’d encourage you to hop on and hop off to try some of the food and drink businesses along the route.

Written by BKR