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En Route 26, En Croute

The 26 starts its east to west journey from two points: Tranent or Seton Sands. I started from the latter on a beautifully sunny day.

Carlo’s in Port Seton is first up in terms of food and drink options, then there’s a wee cafe called The Howff near McKirdy’s butcher, and the Wemyss Hotel.

There’s also the Harbour Chinese, Ocean Side East cafe, Bene’s and The Harbour chippy before you leave Port Seton and head towards Cockenzie.

Cockenzie House and Gardens has a cafe called Cadell’s, but there’s not much else before you reach Prestonpans.

There you find the Gourmet Full House and SWS Chinese takeaways, the Filling Station, the Railway Tavern, the Preston Bay chippy, LK at Dragon Way, the impressive Goth, and Alanda’s.

You pass the Prestongrange Museum which has a cafe before reaching the Levenhall Arms.

You then brush past Musselburgh racecourse before turning up through the town’s residential area.

When rejoining the main drag, there’s the Rainbow, Luca’s, Jaz’s Fish Bar, the Burgh Cafe, Dal Latino, the Cafe on the Corner, and Bams Deli.

Just before the bridge there’s Caprice and Harvest. Just after there is the Brunton Theatre Bistro, di Rollo, and Lanna Thai, before Kohi-Noor, Focus Chinese, the David Macbeth Moir Spoons, the Gurkha, the Frying Scotsman, and the Staggs is just up a little back street.

Furlongs at Ravelston House, the Ship Inn and The Quay mark the end of Musselburgh.

As you come into Joppa, there’s the Rockville Hotel, the Express on the Corner, then the Ormelie Tavern before you hit downtown Portobello.

Bagel from Bross

A bunch of places whizz by including the Twelve Triangles Porty, the St Andrew’s chippy, Malvarosa, Oscar’s, Cinnamon, the Guild of Forresters, Habaneros, the Jaffle Joint, Green Kilt, Istanbul, Mousehole Deli, Williamson fishmonger, Popeye’s, Station India, the Fine Wine Company, Golden Bite, Findlay’s butcher, Bonoful, Al Mare, Butternut Squash, Man on Fire, Bross Bagels, Skylark, and Anna Thai.

Breadshare marks the edge of Seafield before a trip along Portobello Road soon has us rejoining the route of 5, then the 4. I spotted the Sea Breeze Cafe at Abbeyhill which I’d missed last time.

It follows the 4 through the city centre eventually deviating at Haymarket where it follows the Airlink 100. At Drum Brae it turns to the right and follows the route 1. It passes the 1 terminus and heads down Clermiston Road but doesn’t pass anything further of note before its own terminating point.

So overall, the 26 is the classic east to west service that I’ve been jumping on and off for 35 years and more. It used to drop me at the foot of my street so will always be a favourite route. It offers a lot of lovely views across the Forth as it snakes its way along the coast and has plenty of good places to grab a bite.

Written by BKR