April 23, 2018 Bus, Travel No Comments

En Route 22, En Croute

In recent times the 22 has been the bus I’ve most often, not least because it links together several of my former day job’s main offices.

Starting at Ocean Terminal, it follows the route of the 300 along the Shore, then the 16 up Leith Walk and into town.

It deviates by heading all the Western Approach Road from Lothian Road. This was the first stretch of road that I hadn’t yet bussed along. Sadly, aside from the Leonardo Hotel there’s not much in the way of sights to spot.

At a real barrel scrape, you can see the St Bride’s Centre – where my parents got married – and that has a cafe in it.

It picks up Stevenson Road at the back of Murrayfield but little lurks there before you join the route of the 1 and 2.

It then follows their route through Balgreen and Stenhouse Cross then takes a direct route to South Gyle before it picks up the 18 along South Gyle Access.

It then weaves through the offices and burger vans – I stopped off at J&W Catering – along South Gyle Crescent before depositing at the Gyle shopping centre.

So overall, the 22 is the first route that I’ve explored that has little in the way of unique elements to it. It’s a brill service but it crosses and parallels many, many routes without ever striking out into pioneer territory. It’s no less enjoyable for that, but for this feature it barely adds a single food or drink business that can’t be seen from a combo of other buses.

Written by BKR