April 7, 2018 Burger, Delivery, pizza No Comments


I like to think that my current run of delivery takeaways is just a temporary thing while I settle into a new regime of retired life, but I guess time will tell.

Donner burger

This evening my laziness demanded pizza and something else so a browse of the delivery app soon drew me towards Dino’s.

I had an odd flashback to a cafe of the same name on the Royal Mile which was memorably dreadful. It has now changed its name although it retains its same tourist trap look as before.

Anyhoo, this Dino’s seemed like a much more straightforward place so I ordered with confidence.


I was lured in by talk of their Turkish burger which featured a beef quarter pounder topped with donner meat. I added a pepperoni and pineapple pizza for good measure. This came to £15.70.

Items were with me ahead of schedule. The burger was a solid offering with the donner meat bringing good succulence to a fairly ordinary burger in standard sesame bun.

The pizza was a notch better with a good crisp base topped generously. It made for good eating.

So overall, Dino’s was another pretty good takeaway option. I’d order pizza from them again as what I sampled was nicely fresh and satisfied a need. Give them a look next time you’re feeling as lazy as I was today.

Written by BKR