Addio Mare

After a belting start to our week on Gran Canaria with dinner at Monte Rojo, we next got together on the Wednesday evening for a communal meal at Addio Mare, just over the road in San Agustin.


The place is part of a multi-tiered shopping mall that has quite the blend of shops, restaurants, bars and cafes recognising the diverse mix of tourists and locals that frequent the town.

We were a large party of around 18. This featured all of the folks from Monday’s meal (sadly with the exception of father of the bride David who was hospitalised with a septic leg) plus various other friends and relatives that had joined the happy throng.

Focaccia bread

This place had meat to the fore so we were all set on steaks or similar for main courses. We started with a mix of dishes including some lovely tomato focaccia bread and sizzling garlic prawns.

I also started with some of their carpaccio. This was a massive dish of thinly sliced raw beef topped with rocket, parmesan and some similarly thin slices of mushroom. It was a very good rendition of a dish I have eaten quite often down the years.


Main course steak ranged from sharers in the chateaubriand style to hanging fillet kebabs to more conventional steak cuts cooked a la plancha.

I opted for a ribeye which was served with a simple tray of potatoes and veg. It proved a really good hunk of meat, accurately cooked to spec and deeply satisfying.


There was much joy around the table with the sharers, too. And what really sealed the collective enjoyment was the staggeringly good cost to quality ratio. For two courses with generous wine, we weighed in under €500. This was in the realms of an even better value Chez Jules at a very similar quality point.

So overall, Addio Mare kept the Gran Canarian fun at peak level. It’s one of those restaurants that does things with an effortless charm and keeps the cooking simple and accurate. I’d be glad to visit again and would recommend it to you.

Blythe scores Addio Mare
4/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 15/20

Today’s questers were: around 18 of the wedding party

We ate: shared starters including prawns, focaccia, carpaccio, meats and cheeses; meaty mains

We drank: lager, red wine, water

We wore: pretty, pretty princess dresses

Total bill: <€500 Address: Centro Comercial San Agustin, 3rd Floor, Local 211, 35100 San Agustin

Written by BKR