Magma Cafe

I remember briefly visiting the King’s Pantry before it changed hands and became the Magma Cafe, but I think I missed at least one incarnation under that name before visiting the other day on a bright lunchtime.


Having previously been a pretty standard breakfast and lunch place, the new menu offers quite a dazzling array of whatnots including hot dish options ranging from momo dumplings, to a Nepali thali, to noodle soups and Buddha bowls.

I was in simpler mood so focussed on their wrap options. But even here there were some unconventional combos. I eventually settled upon trying their green lentil, avocado and sundried tomato version.

This was prepped to order by the wonderfully friendly counter woman owner who was busying around at quite a rate to keep everything on track in the compact premises.


My item was soon with me looking quite lightly toasted but otherwise much as expected.

It proved lightly aromatic eating with the filling combo very satisfying. It packed fragrant herb notes with a good hearty backbone from the lentils. The wrap casing could have used another minute on the sandwich press but this was a fairly minor quibble with what was otherwise an enjoyable eat.

So overall, the Magma Cafe looks to be doing very good work. I liked what I saw and am sufficiently intrigued by their hot dish menu to have a repeat visit in mind. I’ll let you know if I discover splendid wonders when I get around to popping in again.

Blythe scores Magma Cafe
4/5 for food
3/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3/5 for setting
giving an overall 14/20

I ate: green lentil, avocado and sundried tomato wrap

I wore: heavy overcoat

Total bill: £4

Address: 67 Home Street, Edinburgh EH3 9JP

Written by BKR