March 10, 2018 Chinese, Delivery No Comments

Lee’s Kitchen

After spending most of the weekend in bed with the lingering after-effects of a very minor cold, I was in the mood for Sunday night takeaway. Chinese seemed like a good plan not least because it was in the midst of lunar New Year celebrations.


I consulted various online options before settling upon Lee’s Kitchen.

I fancied dim sum so ordered their mixed pork, beef and prawn dumpling selection. My cold demanded soup so I opted for chicken and sweetcorn. I added a mixed chow mein in the spirit of feeding a cold. This all came to a total of £17 including delivery.

Items were delivered just a little ahead of schedule accompanied by good prawn crackers.

Dim sum

First up I tackled the gelatinous soup. It was packed with chicken pieces and had good depth of flavour. The texture was a little more pleasing than the often somewhat gluey versions that you frequently get.

Next up were the pork, beef and prawn dim sum. These were rather more elegant than the ones I’d sampled from Oriental Delights but very much along the same lines. I liked them.


The chow mein was topped with a deep, dark, sticky barbecue sauce which looked like it might be terribly sweet and/or salty but was altogether more subtle and meaty.

The noodles were pretty standard but they packed a decent profusion of meat and seafood making them enjoyable eating.

So overall, Lee’s Kitchen did a very good job of managing my complex demands in my slightly fevered state. I enjoyed all of the elements enough that I’d certainly order from them again and recommend that you do likewise. It’s one of the better Chinese takeaways I’ve had of late.

Written by BKR