March 22, 2018 Burger, Street food, West 1 Comment

J&W Catering

On a previous bus journey to the west of the city, I’d spied a profusion of burger vans and so on in the South Gyle business parks and industrial estate. I made a note to visit next time a relevant bus brought me nearby.


When I had to collect a parcel from the South Gyle Crescent mail depot I was presented with the ideal opportunity.

After collecting my outsized letter, I wandered a little along the road before alighting upon the J&W Catering van.

It had attracted a bit of a crowd which seemed promising so I joined the unstructured throng and was soon being given the opportunity to order.

Burger and chips

After a brief glance at their menu board I settled upon the 4oz cheeseburger and chips. This cost the ridiculously small amount of £3.

Things were cooked to order on a grill plate and a fryer and were soon with me. I ate as I walked.

With such a low cost I was hoping for a nice fatty and flavourful burger. This was partly the case but it wasn’t quite as meatily juicy as hoped. The chips were deep-fried and satisfying.

So overall, J&W Catering look to be doing a cheap and cheerful good job in meeting the needs of the nearby workforce. Their meaty treats will no doubt ease the pain of office drudgery. I’d be happy to order from them again next time I find myself in this part of town.

Written by BKR