March 16, 2018 Sausage No Comments

Introducing the Sausage Quest Top 30

Sausage Quest! I feel it should have its own theme tune. Perhaps to the tune of Rentaghost?


#If you’re hungry for a banger, come on…sausagequest
We’ve got lorne and link and vegan too, at…sausagequest
Hear the haunting pop of porkers as they sizzle on the grill
Remember you are blessed to be part of the test, that’s…sausagequest#

Anyhoo, I set out on #sausagequest after feeling bereft by the conclusion of #coronationchickenquest and needing something to fill my otherwise meaningless existence. Sausages seemed like an excellent choice not least because of their diversity of size, shape and flavour. And be sure to ignore what Japanese guide books say about lorne sausage.

I don’t feel I’ve even scratched the surface with this Top 30 list, but it hopefully gives you the inspiration to go forth in the name of #teamsausage and find even better offerings than I’ve so far tracked down.

I’m delighted that BBL has once again topped one of our lists, having for years dominated as the finest burgers in the city. Their steak lorne is absolutely outstanding, and their ever-expanding vegan selection is well worthy of high praise, too.


The Toulouse sausages made for Henri by Puddledub were completely splendid, too. Geordie Bangers were the best of the traditional links, and our top five was rounded out by a very elegant ballotine from the excellent Field.

At the disappointing end, the sausage thing from McDonald’s breakfast muffin was one of the worst things I had in my mouth for a long time. Subway’s mega melt sausage barely tasted of anything. And I was really disappointed by M&S’s cocktail sausages.

So overall, I enjoyed eating a lot of tasty sausage. Running parallel to this I’ve been filling my face with falafel, so look out for the results from #teamfalafel in the next couple of weeks.

Written by BKR