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En Route 5, En Croute

The Lothian buses route 5 starts where the 27 terminates at Hunter’s Tryst. There you have the pub of the same name and the Morrison’s Cafe. You then follow the 27 and 18 route until turning off at Oxgangs Avenue and following the 16 route through Morningside until heading towards Marchmont along Church Hill Road.

Exterior of Maison Bleue Bistrot

I’d missed Karine, Maison Bleue Bistrot and Cook on previous trips along this route.

There’s an intersect with the 41 route just near Wok Ness but the 5 ploughs on along Grange Road through a protracted residential route including one of my favourite street names in the city, Cumin Place.

It picks things up at No1 The Grange, the old Heller’s Kitchen (which is now called Barlocco Kitchen), and Scotch Hop, Coco Latte, Savannah, Mockingbird, Voujon, Picnic, Isola, Edinburgh Bakehouse, Apiary, Verdo, Southpour, crossing the 2 route.

I spotted Aleppo Kitchen, the Sweety House, Arthur’s and Dai Pai on this sweep which I’d missed before.

Aleppo Kitchen

It heads down South Bridge passing the likes of the City Restaurant, Shri Bheema, Brew Lab, Whistle Stop Barber Shop, BRGR, Roti, Mother India, Biblos, Noodle n Ice, Burrito n Shake, Civerino’s, Spatch, Zuhus, Byron, Zenobia, Whistle Binkie’s and Prezzo.

The Leith Street closure sees it head along Waterloo Place and Regent Road, picking up the route of the 1, before heading out along towards Meadowbank.

There it speeds past Cafe Dalziel, Xanadu, the McDonalds 24 hour drive thru, Loon Wah, Snappy’s, the Ball Room, Mr Hot Potato, Artisan Coffee, the Barrelhouse, Indian Fusion, and Limelite.

At Piershill it passes the Mayflower, Madras Cottage, Mr So, Giovanni’s, Sombrero, The Scottie, and Hung Wai, before turning along Northfield Broadway.


It subsequently turns down Mountcastle Drive North, drives through Figgate Park, then emerges on to Milton Road West where it passes the Milton Fry and Maria’s. And that’s about that before it terminates at The Jewel.

So overall, I enjoyed the route 5. It takes some quite unexpected twists and turns and seems the sole service through a number of residential areas. As such it’s a very handy one to know about. I look forward to trying some of the new places I spotted along its flight-path.

Written by BKR