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En Route 27, En Croute

I recall the 27 as a route that linked my old school to its playing fields at Goldenacre, so it’s a route with which I am very familiar.

From its Silverknowes terminus, it starts the same as the route 16, not deviating until turning off at Craigroyston School and heading up through Pennywell.

There you pass Ali’s Pizzeria, Gerry’s Cafe and a Greggs. At Ferry Road, there’s Samsun’s, Domino’s, Mister Lee’s and Bayne’s, before you head past the Village Urban Bar & Grill.


Ferry Road affords some wonderful views of the Edinburgh skyline before you reach In Touch, Cafe Montagu, Herringbone, Asparagus, Yummy, Hing Tai, Eastern Spice, and Loon Fung in the Goldenacre area.

At Canonmills you find Coco, Di Giorgio, Blue Bear, Bluebird, the rubbish coffee at Coffee Angel, The Orchard, and the lovely Water of Leith Cafe Bistro.

As you turn up Dundas Street you quickly encounter Finnegan’s, Cuckoo’s, L’Alba D’Oro, Anima, the New Town Deli, Lezzetli, Caffeine, Bacco, and Margiotta.

Burger and sweet potato fries from Di Giorgio

A little further up you pass the majesty of The Table, the less impressive El Paso, the wonderful Archipelago, then Tazza Di Caffe, the Cumberland Bar, Glass & Thompson, and Kweilin.

As you cross Queen Street there’s Bramble, The Dogs, Chez Jules, Urban Angel, the Hanover Tap, Papii, Tani Modi, the Pakora Bar, Bar Soba, 99 Hanover Street, Garibaldi’s, Yes Sushi, Bar Napoli, Yeni Meze, Henderson’s, La Rusticana, Wellington, Grand Cru, Hoot, All Bar One, and the Printing Press where you then join the 41 route.

It deviates from the 41 at the top of Bristo Place heading along Lauriston Place past my old school and Tupiniquim.

Coley from The Dogs

Bonnie Burrito still trades in front of the blood bank during the week, then we sail past Mania and Brauhaus further down towards Tollcross before picking up the 16 and 10 route.

We follow the 10 route along Gilmore Place and beyond, only deviating at Redford Barracks. You then pick up the 18 route deviating only in terminating at Hunter’s Tryst.

So overall, the route 27 is another enjoyable journey through the city. It runs its elegant north to south course right down my memory lane, so I enjoyed seeing lots of places I haven’t looked at for a while. I’d recommend it to you.

Written by BKR