Disposition Cafe

Having stumbled upon Cheapshot on a recent rainy day, I heard around the same time about the arrival of another police box coffee place called Disposition Cafe on Drumsheugh Gardens. I wandered that way on a very windy day.


Having previously been the home of a short-lived doughnut stand then a good bacon roll place called Biscotti’s, the venue has struggled to find an audience as yet. It’s one of those that perhaps just might be five yards in the wrong direction, or perhaps those offerings didn’t quite hit the mark.

Disposition feels fresh and definitely has a strong chance to connect as their coffee offering is rather better than what has gone before.


Showcasing local roasters Williams & Johnson and Obadiah, on my visit I sampled a really complex, nutty espresso (£2) from the latter.

This was carefully crafted by the counter woman owner. I thought it was really very good.

So overall, Disposition Cafe served me a high quality espresso made with care and attention. If I still lived in this part of town I can imagine that I’d be frequent visitor. Make sure to give it a look when next nearby.

Written by BKR