Cafe Rosa

My increasingly haphazard wanderings took me to Corstorphine around lunchtime. It seemed too good an opportunity not to visit one of the places I’d spotted as I sped along the Airlink 100 route just recently.


I opted for Cafe Rosa. The premises are dual purpose use with Rosa run as a pretty standard breakfast and lunch cafe during the day, then a Japanese restaurant called Daruma taking over in the evening.

It looks like both halves of the business are run by the same people, but this “two businesses sharing the same premises” model seems like a very good idea and one I’d like to see more of in the city.


I was just in light snack mode so opted for their soup of the day which was lentil. I added a cheese scone on the side.

As I sat at the window in one of the high sushi bar seats, things were prepped to order.

The soup arrived looking much as expected. It was a stick-to-your-ribs hearty bowl with good depth of flavour. The scone was freshly made and of good quality, too. I enjoyed it.

So overall, I was glad to discover Cafe Rosa and must come back to sample their sushi one evening. It’s a smart little place maximising its chances of success by offering a flexible menu that seems to suit the needs of the locals. Give it a look next time you’re nearby.

Blythe scores Cafe Rosa
3.5/5 for food
3.5/5 for presentation
4/5 for service
3.5/5 for setting
giving an overall 14.5/20

I ate: lentil soup, cheese scone

I drank: water

I wore: blue denim trousers

Total bill: £4

Address: 215 St John’s Road, Edinburgh EH12 8AT

Written by BKR