March 3, 2018 Belfast, Breakfast 1 Comment

Bob & Bert’s

I awoke on a bright and sunny Belfast morning with little in the way of diminution in the near fatal man-flu I bravely didn’t mention once during yesterday’s review of Deane’s at Queen’s.


Consequently a hearty breakfast seemed an absolute must. Having not had such fun at the Nottingham Crowne Plaza buffet breakfast, I took the decision that the Belfast Holiday Inn Express would likely also disappoint so I strolled down Stranmills Road and eventually hit upon Bob & Bert’s which looked a likely spot.

A bright blue house that reminded me a little of the dear departed Redwood Bistro in Edinburgh, it proclaimed a devotion to artisan coffee which sounded promising.

Their coffee – a house blend – was pretty ordinary but the diner-style place did have the sense that their food would likely be a little better. And so it proved.

Breakfast plate

Their ‘famous fry’ – they have branches all over Northern Ireland, so this claim to fame is not misplaced – brought together bacon, sausages, egg, tomato, beans and black pudding accompanied by a pancakes, tattie scone and soda bread for a carb explosion.

The bacon was dry and weak, but pretty much everything else was really good. The soda and tattie breads were splendid and the sausages packed a good meaty punch. I enjoyed it.

So overall, Bob & Bert’s claims of showcasing good coffee seemed a little erroneous but I enjoyed their breakfast. It set me up for the day ahead, and as luck would have it I ran into a good place for coffee just down the road, of which more tomorrow…

Blythe scores Bob & Bert’s
3.5/5 for food
4/5 for presentation
3.5/5 for setting
3.5/5 for service
giving an overall 14.5/20

I ate: Bob’s famous fry

I drank: espresso

I wore: mainly blue

Total bill: £7.95

Address: 5AS Stranmillis Road, Belfast BT9

Written by BKR